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CG Show Reel

​Storm Chasers  Commercial – Discovery Channel​

Programs: Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop
Task: Modeling, Unwrapping and Texturing

Modeled TIV2, Dodge Ram Probe, and Chevy Tahoe

Swiss Chicken Commercial – Bell Poulet Suisse
Programs: Maya, Photoshop
Task: Modeling, and Unwrapping
Modeled coop, chalet and wheel barrel.

DoomBuggy Short Film – Bully! Entertainment
Programs: Maya, 3ds Max, Vue Xstream, Zbrush, Crazybump, and Photoshop and Mental Ray
Task: Modeling, Unwrapping, Sculpting, Texturing, Look Development, Concept Art, 
Art Direction, and Camera Direction.
Modeled dune buggy, mantis and environment.

NASA Home And City – NASA
Programs: Maya, 3ds Max
Task: Modeling
Modeled over 60 models for this project in about four weeks

​Stuntfrog Short Film – Bully! Entertainment
Programs: Maya, Photoshop
Task: Modeling, Unwrapping, Animation, Blendshapes, Texturing
Animated big wheel explosion and umbrella collapse 
Modeled big wheel, jet, city, and office in Maya
Created Blendshapes of Stunt Frog


​Three Homegate Spots Commercial – Igloo, CucKoo and Mouse
Programs: Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop, FBX, Vray
Task: Modeling, Unwrapping, Animation, Texturing, File Conversion
Animated snocat and igloo collapse
Modeled - igloo, snocat, city street

Short Burst Commercial –  Iridium
Programs: Maya, 3ds Max
Task: Modeling
Created all vehicles for animation

Geico Blueprint Commercial –  Geico
Programs: Maya, 3ds Max, 3ds Max
Task: Modeling
​Modeled Chevy Tahoe and Dodge Ram

​Fiesta 5K Commercial – Fiesta5k
Programs: Maya, Photoshop
Task: Environment Modeling, Procedural Texturing
Modeled and textured whole environment

Deadliest Catch Commerciall – Discovery Channel
Programs: Maya, 3ds Max, Zbrush
Task: Model and Sculpt realistic Alaskan king crab
Create displacement maps and bump maps from high res sculpture

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