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Low Poly

Some cool game style models that I had a blast making.
JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle)

​This model is  a low poly version of the one I built for Northrop Grumman.

Programs: Maya/Keyshot/mental ray/Photoshop ​

X-48b Blended Wing

I originally built this for NASA back in 2008 for their website, but didn't like the final out come of the model. So, I rebuilt it as a game model with it's own little wind tunnel stage.

​Client: NASA

Programs: Maya/Keyshot/Photoshop ​

1982 Bedford MK

Modeled this one for Iron Wolf Studios. Learn a lot about British Military Vehicle in the process, too.

Client: Iron Wolf Studios/Ink Studio

Programs: Maya/Keyshot/Photoshop ​


The train from the ​Iridium Short Burst animation. A really simple and clean model that could be for either high res or low res projects. ​

​Client: Iridium​

Programs: Maya/Keyshot/mental ray/Photoshop ​

The Road Warrior

​A game version of the V8 Interceptor from the second Mad Max movie. This was d​​​​​​​​​​​​efinitely a fun project to work on.

Programs: 3ds Max/Keyshot/mental ray/Photoshop ​

Cargo Ship

The cargo ship from the Iridium Short Burst animation.

Client: Iridium​

Programs: Maya/Keyshot/mental ray/Photoshop ​

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