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Fun. Fun. Fun. Wish I had toys like this when I was a kid.

​A cool vehicle to build. Used it for Iridium Short Burst Project, the Doombuggy animations, and some Monster Energy Drink spec work.

Client: Bully! Entertainment/Iridium/Personal Project

Programs: 3ds Max/Maya/Keyshot/mental ray/Photoshop


With a high poly count and lots of detail I did my best to make this concept vehicle a one of a kind.

Programs: 3ds Max/Keyshot/Photoshop


This vehicle was featured in three ad campaigns with only small changes to the overall model.​

Client: Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers/Iridium/Geico

Programs: Maya/Keyshot/mental ray/Photoshop

Toy Sno Cat

The Sno Cat great fun. Used for the Homegate animation. Also, updated the model to look like a child's toy.

Client: HomeGate/Personal Project

Programs: 3ds Max/Maya/Keyshot/mental ray/Photoshop

Big Wheel

The second model I made at Bully back in '07 for the Stuntfrog Animation. Nuff Said.

Client: Nickelodeon

Programs: Maya/Keyshot/mental ray/Photoshop


Featured in a promo for National Geographic.​ Colorfully rendered for fun.

Client: National Geographic

Programs: Maya/Keyshot/mental ray/Photoshop ​


Featured originally in the Iridium Short Animation. Had a lot of fun building it. Check out the fishing net on the back.

Client: Iridium

Programs: Maya/Keyshot/mental ray/Photoshop ​

Bianchi B.U.S.S.

An early model I made back in '06 of a bike that I use to race during my mountain bike racing days. Lost the original textures and Max files. So, these are only the images left of the project. Enjoy!

Programs: 3ds Max/Photoshop ​

Toy Helicoptor

Featured originally in the Iridium Short, but updated to look like a child's toy.

Client: Iridium​

Programs: Maya/Keyshot/mental ray/Photoshop ​

Iridium Short Burst Models

An awesome animation to work on. Modeled about nine different types of vehicles for the project in a month.​

Client: Iridium​

Programs: Maya/mental ray

Toy Big Rig

Used in the NASA and Iridium Short Burst Animation.

Client: Iridium/NASA​

Programs: Maya/Keyshot/Photoshop ​

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